I like to joke that I do abstract art because I have no skills, but I know a thing or two about feeling and texture and have more drawing talent than I’ll ever admit. (It’s nowhere near what it could be)

The world is so black and white, analytics and statistics that I don’t want to make something that looks true to life. My boyfriend asked why I destroy my clean drawings with mucky oil pastels and the truth is that I love the way the colors look smeared out. The blotchiness is a parody of life. Kind of like me haha

But I finally got to fill the largest canvas I’ve ever tackled. It was only a 36 x 24, but the last series of works I did were teeny little 12 x 12s so taking on this monster was fun.


I’ve never painted without an easel. MY current (and only standing) easel has been with me since my mom got it for me for my birthday over 10 years ago. I get attached to objects. I don’t keep a lot of things, but when I do I keep them for life. So it was kinda heartbreaking to ignore it and just work on my table. ahha


I wanted to mix all of the techniques I’ve been working with and make something somewhat substantial. I wanted a REAL image. Water always calls to me, but before the ocean you have to get the sky wrapped around.



A network of different shades and switching my ambidextrous brain from my left to my right and and back always appeases the creative energies.


I got so engrossed in the water I didn’t stop to capture much of those layers. I’m a mermaid at heart and had the driving urge to just DO. (So I did) haha


This is where I texted my boyfriend and he said STOP!

(He always says that before I add more, and I almost always keep going because I just can’t not)


I love colors. the more the better. Adding as many shades as feels right and playing with them is the perfect amount of messy. I love it. Painting is the only art form I take on for sheer enjoyment. Music was always in me. It still cried to get out-that’s why I have so many side projects, but it is WORK. And writing is always hell. You love it and hate it but can’t escape it.

But paint.


Covering a blank canvas…

That is bliss. And this canvas had me break away from the abstracts and get into something surreal.


(I hate pictures of art. It always looks better in person because you can feel the spirit. Especially with this one)