Business and art don’t mix. They can co-exist, but they are NOT friends.

Anytime I sell my work I have that age old internal battle with myself.

Me: Do you really want to do this?

Also Me: Well, I have to eat and pay rent and take care of my kids.

Me: But how can you put a price tag on art?

Also Me: I don’t; I leave that up to the businesses that sell my work.

Me: What about that painting you sold to your friend last week?

Also Me: He’s a friend and a musician. We support each other’s work.

Me: Still cheapening your meaning by capitalizing off of it.

Also Me: Say that when you run out of gas for your car.

This goes on a LOT. I argue with myself a ton about shit like this. It’s entertaining and all, but a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes. Especially today when Society6 is having a sale on throw pillows and the business woman in me is saying: Spread the word you worthless piece of garbage.

Artist me is like: You know you can find some beautiful things in the trash. You just have to dig a little.


So here’s the compromise.

Being an artist often feels like being a cheap whore, but hey sometimes you gotta get laid, right?

addiction363594-pillows (1)

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