My brain is attacking itself today.

Thankfully painting fixes this. Usually I run around bouncing off the walls enjoying the freedom of ambidextrous awesomeness. Sometimes I favor my left, sometimes my write, sometimes they battle. And on rare “WTF is Going on” occasions it seems like my brain doesn’t want to be either.

This would be the perfect day for gravity to stop working. I wouldn’t mind floating into space and freezing over. Or maybe I would, IDK.


Lucky for me I have canvas and some cookies.

No joke. My “Cookie” collection has been my favorite so far. Forget paintbrushes.

soft 3

There is something about packaged food that kinda makes my mind cringe. Also known as “Processed Nasty” (to myself at least), this factory made junk tastes alright but often makes your body feel like it’s dying.

So for some reason I decided to skip the tummy ache and start painting with these yummy little nasties. It started with Girl-scout cookies and fucking felt so good I wanted to keep on.

This one was made with Chewy Chips Ahoy. A favorite of my X-husband, I have this CRAZY idea that cookies are supposed to be soft only when warm. HERESY-I know! But I mean for real, what the fuck chemicals and lab concocted manipulations are included in the process of creating these little things?

soft 2 Hypocracy at its best!

Part of me wants to research it, and the other part doesn’t give a flying purple shit.  This may be due to the fact that I have very little ability to trust anything I find on the internet anymore no matter who backs it.

It’s okay, this is all probably a figment of my imagination and I’m locked in a mental institution. Doesn’t change much. haha Well, it does make it easier to “reveal my secrets”.

News Flash (fake or real-you be the judge): I have no secrets.

So yeah, if anyone “steals” my idea and wants to redo the Mona Lisa using a cookie for a brush, go the fuck ahead. I’m just posting this here cuz…well, honestly I need to get out of my head.

Don’t worry I’ll be back in it shortly. Can’t wait to paint tonight.