When you get out there and do your thing you meet a lot of like-minded individuals. I know a lot of artists who are struggling and have trouble making ends meet. Supporting yourself off of any art form is a long shot. It’s not likely to happen, but there are a lot of opportunities that offer a boost.

Publications and magazines are everywhere. E-zines are in abundance and a lot of them pay for artwork. I do abstracts so my options are more limited, but anyone who plays with paint, watercolors, hell, a damn computer can find a place to publish their images.

My painting “Enter” is going to be featured in the February 2018 edition of Scifaikuest.

Marie McCloskey_Enter_20x20.jpg

It’s the first time one of my works will be published in a magazine. The pay isn’t super pro level, but it is a start.

Whenever I catch a break I want to share it with everyone. If you’re an artist and you want to reach people you have to take as many avenues as possible. the world is fucking overpopulated and talent is oozing from the streets. If you wanna make something of yourself you’ve gotta do a lotta shit, really work to stand out. It’s fun if you play enough and share with others along the way.