It’s always a crazy fun time playing around on holidays. The first day of Spring is kinda a big deal to Pagan weirdos like me and sometimes the energies are just write to create something. While bopping around, I got the creative spark and started playing with colors.


Sometimes you just need to make a mess.

Ditching the paintbrush is something I find myself doing more and more often. I find myself wanting to paint with every kind of object, cookies, sticks, ribbon. I’m dying to make a painting called Kiss My Ass-you can imagine what I’ll use to do that one 😉


For now I’m sticking to smaller canvases. I kept going bigger and bigger and then I woke up and felt the need to do something more compact. This one is a 12 x 12. I like square canvases better than any other. Might have something to do with my insane obsession with even numbers and symmetry. It makes no sense since my paintings do not reflect that, but it’s true.


Maybe that’s why I’ve started ditching the paintbrush. Gotta fight my inner control freak and let the emotion pour out while I work. Who knows haha