Everyone on the internet is a photographer. We have filters and adjustments that can make any shitty image look fucking magnificent.


It’s fun to play around with this shit, but in the art world you have to have good pics of your work. Getting the right lighting and angle can sell or rather, keep a painting from selling. This is the bullshit modern artists have to deal with. It can be aggravating at times, but I like playing around with different shots.

Marie McCloskey_Lady Light_18x18.jpg

Getting my pieces up on Deviant Art and SaatchiArt hasn’t been an issue. My work was accepted by The Starving Canvas and receives praise on social media. But I’m realizing that my camera is a piece of shit. It’s almost 5 years old and doesn’t work like it used to. (Great, now I sound like my grandpa-the man had a TV for 50 years but once it busted he could never find such good quality)

Technology is always advancing. I grew up in the technological age. It’s second nature to look at my camera and think, maybe it’s time to donate this one and get something better. Unfortunately, there seems to be a society of rich artists because who the fuck can afford this shit.


Starving artists can’t go out and pick up a thousand dollar fucking camera just because a gallery wants a certain resolution. Oh and none of the printing places have the old giant fucking scanners you can lay a big ass painting on. Everything is digital now.

The few fools who still wish to create shit in the physical world are screwed, along with true starving artists who just wish to create and don’t have the latest programs to fuck around with digital art or a camera that cost more than a liver transplant.


In person purchases are always the way to go. When people come to see me and look at my creations they are usually blown away. It’s like that when I sing. I’m too connected to the REAL world I guess. I’m obsolete because I would rather emote than drone about on a program all day.

Crazy how things change no matter how much they stay the same. In art history you find that all those “poor starving artists” that we all study and love were generally sponsored by some rich asshole. They were also sent to the best fucking schools or apprenticed to a great one. This isn’t new. Art has always been tainted by classism and money.


In the free market I have the opportunity to go out and connect with anyone I want. (So if any of you would like to donate a Full Frame DSLR camera to my cause…haha) Ebay has a nice stock of used pro cameras for a quarter of the price and there is no shame in reusing something someone else doesn’t need anymore. It looks to be the best option in my case and maybe in a lot of others.

It’s easy to say “The deck is stacked” and whine about shit, but this is what makes it work. Doing what you can however you can to get where you need/want to be is what will pay off. I’ll never be afraid to look at all my options because as annoying as industries and the business side can be, artists have more options than ever and that’s a damn good thing.