Getting to be the featured artist at The Starving Canvas has given me a bit of steam to ride.


I’m not a REAL artist. I don’t push my work or run around town living “the artist’s life”-whatever the fuck that is. But I do love letting go and creating images with paint. It’s never about trying to get a specific out of my head, my thoughts are way to muddled for that. They’re more like unshaped clay. I wonder what could happen if I mixed certain colors and stretched them out a certain way.

Sometime I like to play with kiddie cartoons, but the abstracts are the works that have all the emotion. Sometimes people can feel what I was feeling when I painted as they look at my works. I’ve heard it enough times to realize that I’m conveying something properly and that is the point of art, isn’t it. Forget prestige and paying a million dollars for a dude’s fart bubble, whatever connects you is meaningful. (that’s my ridiculous non-millionaire take anyway)

But I haven’t had enough confidence until now to go out and say, “Hey, if you’re looking, check this out!” Not as much as a lot of the artists I know and love.

So here’s another fun place I’m at:

Come on, it’s Deviant art! Everyone loves Deviant Art. It’s an awesome place for everyone who appreciates all mediums.

And I finally broke down and got on Saatchi Art.

It’s one hell of a resource for artists. It’s an online gallery that has some competitions. They take a smaller commission than most off of sales, but it’s free to join. I hear “free exposure” and think: Why the hell not?

My life has always kind of just led me along. I’m just here for the ride. painting is a part of who I am. I’ve been doing it for years, and I will continue to keep doing it regardless of what kind of sales these gigs get me.

If any of you other artists are just starting out, or looking for opportunities, check these out. I like sharing the wealth so I’ll always post about the new places I find.

It’s always been all about the love.