Some days I’m left handed and some days I’m right. I generally draw with my rightsy because I’ve practiced with it more and don’t trust myself, but lately I’ve been shutting up my fears and going for whatever feels best.

dragonDrawing dragons is silly and fun, but I’ve never attempted it. I like doing the kiddie stuff since I always have 2 little girls looking over my shoulder making suggestions, unless I work after they go to bed, but they were adamant on being present for this one. haha

My experience in drawing has been mostly still life, or at least a combo of multiple images that help give me an idea of what to do.

I didn’t use anything for this.

dragon 2

Didn’t seem right.

And it’s not, went full on crazy lefty for this dragon. (The design, not the coloration-I don’t trust oil pastels in my left hand yet-who knows what would happen if I did that)

dragon3 There’s something about getting messy and filling everything in once the lines are drawn.

dragon 4

I drew it so fast I didn’t have time to think, but that’s the different between drawing and every other medium. When you’re adding hues and blending colors (or NOT blending them) it takes a little more thought and preparation.

Working on detailing backgrounds has become my latest adventure. You can make a character pop, but placing it in it’s own world-now that’s something. This guy demanded to be called Terrance (Don’t ask me why, I honestly have no idea). So Terrance the dragon he is.

dragon 5