It’s March! And I am the featured artist at The Starving Canvas. Cartwheels and annoying squeals everywhere. haha

Painting and drawing are freedom. I run to acrylics and oil pastels when I need to escape the oppressive constraints of the writing industry and the guilt of walking away from professional music gigs. The difference between visual art and music & lit is that painting rewards you no matter who approves.


I don’t personally find that anywhere else. My crazy abstract creations are little visions of what it’s like to be in my head and getting it out feels amazing. It helps me to better understand myself. You get that with a lot of artistic endeavors, but when producing an image there’s an element of other-worldliness.


The Starving Canvas is an artist friendly, artist run company that specializes in awesomeness! I’ve found a lot of other great images with them. There’s nothing like supporting others while being rewarded for your work.

shards-tote-smaller              shards-shirt-smaller


I mean look at that! I’m a tote. You can tote me around. haha (The tote jokes are not going to stop I promise)

Best of all, everything is made in the USA and help your friendly neighborhood starving artists to survive. teehee Submitting art simple as well, so if you want your work to be featured, or know anyone who might benefit from some artsy exposure, check out-