Damn! There’s nothing like getting your shit out there. And with so many opportunities for cuckoo artists like me, there’s no reason not to.


I’m super excited to announce that I will be a featured artist with The Starving Canvas!


I love finding new creative outlets. This place is super cool. They print bags and t-shirts with artwork and pay their artists for sales.

Painting is one of those gigs where you go into it knowing you’ll die poor. It’s how most stories go. BUT we now live in such awesome times that there are companies that recognize artists and offer a paying gig.


The best part of this one is it’s exceptionally artist friendly. I found them on twitter and learned about their easy submission process. You literally just need to email some shots of your work. If they like it, they’ll sign one of your prints for a 1 month feature and backlog opportunities.

How cool is that?


It’s simple and fun. I’m such a freaking color whore that I’ve been perusing their pages and have found too many designs by other artists that I love. Supporting fellow talent is a huge deal to me.

Sometimes it seems like the people who deserve credit never receive it, and the biggest loudmouth assholes get followings for creating junk. (Being a bit of a loudmouth myself-I fear that I may teeter totter between the two) That thinking is just a side effect of seeing too much negativity around you. To combat this, I like doing what I can to spread the love and have fun with whoever I can.


So if you have something to submit, try it out. What’s the worst that can happen? If they say no, it’s not biggie. And if you’re not an artist, save up some dough to buy something with my image on it. I’ll link everyone as soon as products are available.