I’ve never been able to “separate the art from the artist.”


It’s often suggested by others because a great majority of people seem to need an excuse for supporting shit people, but I just can’t do it. I don’t care how good a painter is, there are plenty of other visual artists that I can appreciate.

This has been an ongoing issue. A lot of people get upset and freak out if you don’t like what they like because it makes them think you think there’s something wrong with them. Here’s my deal-I don’t give a fuck what you do or don’t like, I’m allowed to have my own damn tastes.


I LOVE a lot of The Rolling Stones songs. They’re well written and have a great bluesy/rock feel-but Jagger is such a fucking cunt that I won’t buy his shit and when I hear it while I’m out, I can’t justify actively appreciating something made by a man who was known to treat his audience like shit. Sure the songs are good, but good music is everywhere. A lot of us old never-was-musicians like to gripe about how there’s no good music anymore, but for every 10 shitty pop songs, there’s a good piece that breaks through. (Given the amount of shitty pop songs that are released-we’re doing alright, you just gotta dig a little further to find the real shit-which is the way it’s always been.)

It’s easy for me to write off Hemingway because the man was overly wordy. His works are like listening to your long winded grandpa make shit up. (Come on pop, you know it didn’t happen like that) I don’t like his style. Too much bullshit. BUT I do have to say, the Marion Zimmer Bradley molestation scandal hit so hard, I feel betrayed. When you owned the works and then find out, that’s when it’s really rough; especially in that case, because her daughter only spoke out after her death. It cannot be disputed, and speculation is everywhere. It doesn’t really matter to me. Her works are tainted.


I have this “live by example” mentality. My parents were the “do as I say, not as I do” types and that kind of hypocrisy has always infuriated me. It leads to failure after failure. Finding upstanding figures in every art form isn’t as hard as some people want to believe. Why do you think we all love Dave Grohl, or Betty White?

I’m not asking for perfection. We all slip up. We all have our demons. But being a complete ass just because you have an over-inflated ego doesn’t do it for me. Harming others gets you blacklisted from my collections.

Cheaters also get this treatment from me. I’ve always been a huge football fan. I’m a Packer’s girl; always loved the Lombardi stance. His philosophy that “Morally, the life of the organization must be of exemplary nature” really captures it. How you act outside of your profession reflects on your work. When you share your art and allow it to gain you some kind of audience, you have a duty to the people who believe in you. You have a responsibility to be as honorable as you can.


I’ve hit the point where the rigging, politics, and commercialism of NFL football has gotten so ridiculous that I can’t justify it anymore. It’s become propaganda bullshit. It’s the same kind of “show” that was put on after 9/11. My faith in it is exhausted.

I don’t separate the artist from the art, because my art is an extension of myself. To separate the two would be to cut away the life source.  That’s that.

I fuck up. I have before and I’ll do it again, we all do. But I never set out with shitty intentions. Those who continuously cheat, lie, steal, attack, and ruin, do not deserve praise for anything, I don’t care how cool what they make is. Intentions are everything and they matter in every artistic expression; now more than ever.