Some days I need to paint something fast and get it all out. then there are pieces that need more love and a lot of patience. I had this concept of colored strips. the only problem with that is, I could only paint a little at a time.

I wanted to fill in everything, use as many colors as I felt like, and just do what I do best, color-whore out. haha

At first it was just blah, but after a while it started coming together and everyday I couldn’t wait to add more.


Sometimes random chaos is so peaceful.

the more I played with it, the louder it got and the more it spoke to me. I love bright colors. I love imperfection and all of the strange oddities that make something or someone stand out.

The more I added, the more I wanted to add. By the last night of painting I was looking at a reflection of myself. This painting perfectly represents me and my brain. haha