When people hear about a book, see a painting, or are first introduced to a song it needs to connect with them somehow. With so many people in the world and a flood of content, it’s hard to relate to everyone. That’s not the point though. Artists who work to please don’t go anywhere because they miss out on the main ingredient: self-expression.

Without self-expression art if just junk. There are numerous pop songs that don’t hold up over time. They’re fun for the moment and then people stop caring. Longevity comes from sustenance. It takes longer to grow an audience based on talent and expression alone, that’s why so many companies use sex to activate our “lizard brains” and pull us in.

Sex sells. Always has, always will. There’s nothing wrong with that. But to be taken seriously, talent is a must.


People see someone new and want to know, “who the fuck are you?” It’s not always on the surface. A lot of how we act and react to others and their work is subconscious.

Maybe this is why painting seems to be the ultimate freedom for me. I love writing and music, but painting is what I do with no constraints, no rules, no expectation.

When I write I work to balance my own opinions with the story that wants to be told and do my best to keep readers engaged. No matter what the trends are, everything I write is connected to me and what I have either experienced, dreamed, or daydreamed.

Music is just plan therapy. Some days the songs are sad some days they’re lighthearted. But no matter what I make I never let someone else’s agenda dictate the content, or the “heart” of what I do.

Who am I? I don’t always know. I want to do everything, love everyone, be everywhere. I may not accomplish every goal I set, but I work my ass off to try and that’s just how I am.


To some people I’m driven, to others I’m crazy. You get to decide for yourself when you see my work or interact with me in person or online.

Now here’s the real question…

Who are you? How would you define yourself? Are you where you want to be? And if not, are you working to get there?

I love sharing experiences. I really want to know. So please, comment below.