I’m all about experimenting. Life is one big fucking experiment sometimes.Throwing out your fears and letting the moment take you is one of the most important, and sometimes dangerous aspects of being an artist.

Sometimes you can create the most unreal pieces, and other days your subconscious is your worst enemy.


I generally have a love hate relationship with my paintings. I never feel adequate enough to do what I want. No matter how much I work and keep at it, I’m always left wondering if what I made has any real value.

Value does not equal money in my eyes. When I say value, I mean something that has worth. Money is worthless if you remove the connotation, but art is not. No matter what market values are, the images we perceive have the power to boggle the mind, move someone.

Creating abstracts is all about the subconscious.


Bringing hidden images, ideas, concepts, and angles to the forefront can be trying. half the time I have no idea what I even want to paint, it just comes. When mixing colors I tend to adjust hues based on how the painting chooses to be shaped. Honestly I feel as if I have very little control over what colors I use and what turns out on the canvas.


If I were painting people and real world images it would be simpler. The design would be wholly conceived, of course the trade off on that is that I would have to work harder at accuracy.

When I started this one I had many ideas, but as always I let the freedom of the creative spark grip me. I still don’t know if I like it or not.


I’m finding that like and dislike are too tame for the art world. You either appreciate a work, or you don’t. I put int the time and this is what turned out. My images are not always clear, but they are very striking. And that’s really the point. Make an impression. I don’t want people to like or dislike my stuff. They need to love it, or hate it.

Today I love it. Tomorrow I’ll probably be back to hate again. But they are flip sides of the same coin, derivative of strong emotions that mean you made an impression.