I love being an artistic butterfly. I can never get bored or fed up with projects because I have others to alternate. It gives me a variety of outlets t keep me going.

And then sometimes, I just dick around and have fun. My drawing skills have never been what I want them to be. For most of my life I didn’t even try to hone them at all. Stick figures are great, right?

But creative energies attract other creative personalities. I am surrounded by so many talented, encouraging artists that I have developed a little skill. (If you can call it that haha)

wonder-woman-1 There is something to be said about the freedom of finding your way. We all need some guidance, but I have found that when given some space once I learn something, I can play with it and enjoy it more.

My daughters love encouraging my projects. Hell, they instigate some of them. This specific little silliness was commissioned by my Wonder Woman-loving-Batman obsessed four year old daughter.

Working for children is the best! They know what they want. They will tell you if they don’t like it and why. Best of all they are more appreciative when they get what they want. (If they have manners haha) wonder-woman-2

Every time I sit down to draw something I have a moment of panic where I think I’ll never be able to make anything near as good as what’s in my head. And it’s true. BUT, that fear that I will HATE the actuality of the finished product diminishes with each line. Every curve reminds me that I am shaping an idea and ideas always form differently that intended in the physical world.

It doesn’t make them inferior to the concept, just translated with some changes due to physical (and often skill level/limitations)


I draw like a 12 year old. But that’s the fun of it. I sat down to have fun with this. I didn’t have to worry about color theory or detail as much because that is not what my daughter wanted. She just wanted Wonder Woman and Batman. Sometimes doodling out something simple helps to prepare you for the more difficult projects.

We get so caught up trying to do better and be the best sometimes, that we forget the importance of taking a step back to just appreciate how far we’ve gotten.