“Lisa is a real doctor, but doesn’t play one on TV”

L.M Bryski (Lisa) may be a doctor, but she’s also one hell of a writer. Her novel, Book of Birds, captured me and didn’t let go. I’m still thinking about it. So here are some of my favorite quotes from this very well-written future classic.

-My ship had lost crew mates before, yet I sailed on.

-No matter how hard it is to see kid tears, grown-up tears are worse to watch.

-I feel like I’m bleeding inside.

-I didn’t know that tears hurt so much. I thought they were meant to help, to wash the sorrows out of you.

-Names matter, ma’am. They m-matter a lot. Words got the power to hurt or heal.

-It’s hard to be under a grownup’s gaze when you don’t know what he’s thinking.

-Thinking about books was like someone raining lollipops all over me.

-Books are meant to be opened and read.

-There’s not telling how men will talk with each other when there’s issues on the table. You’d think them the best of friend, only to see them grab for each other’s throats. Or you’d hold your breath, expecting fire with their glares, then find them drinking and laughing minutes later.

-Some things you just gotta get through.

-In my case, I now had a bit of age, and the whole adult world was spilling out secrets left, right, and center.

-Sadness wasn’t a disease that you could catch, as far as I know, but from what I seen, people treated it like it was.

-People got words and sympathy when someone gets sick with their heart or cancer. Same with an infection, though they keep their distance. For Melancholia, maybe there’s sympathy, but there’s no words. Only silences and distance like they’re afraid it’s catchy. Maybe it is.

-Words whipped around me, faster than I could catch ’em.

-Grownups don’t stretch out their smiles as much as kids do.