There’s nothing like covering a blank canvas.

I was able to set to work and get away from the pressures of writing and I’m so glad to have multiple creative outlets.


You start out small. I learned to put down a simple coat just to fill the canvas and not feel that need to cover it up too fast. The freedom of sweeping a simple layer over without thinking offers a true escape.

I am not someone who looks to books or movies or music for an escape. To me, those are medium meant for revolution and voicing emotion. Painting is like that too, but it’s more subtle. It’s a slow progression.


Abstracts are my favorite. Drawing is frustrating and constricting. Here I just mixed up some colors and let my mind wander.

We spend so much time directing our thoughts or having others direct them for us that it’s important to stop and just BE.


It’s amazing what the subconscious can create.

I always hate what I’m doing while I do it. I feel lost and unsure of where I’m going. But then things start coming together and eventually it clicks.


It doesn’t seem like much until the sun comes up. When the light shines on what you’ve done, you realize the power you have to do more than you thought possible.


The not knowing is what makes the finished product so unique.