Everyone likes to talk sometime. It’s a release. It feels good to converse with others when you need to. There’s something about thoughts that have to escape the internal and be known to others. This is why I consider writing a social endeavor, the art of writing to publish anyway.

Even the most introverted writers seem to love talking about their craft. Why is that?


I believe it is the roots behind writing. Nowadays a lot of writers type, longhanders like me are a dying breed. Wherever the creative spark takes hold works, but if all the computers shut down, and every paper mill in existence ceased to be, real writers would still tell stories. Storytelling is the heart of writing.

The oral tradition will continue to exist because it was the original way to share a tale. I love sitting down to read a book by myself, but I often enjoy being read to or going to see a play. I am more social than a lot of the writers I know. It keeps the thoughts flowing.

I need adventure and experiences to write. I have yet to ever experience writer’s block. Maybe it will find me someday, but I find it unlikely. It might be a nice change. haha

The writers I know often find themselves stuck and when they cannot go any further, they find comfort in talking, or posting. Sometimes hopping online and going through favorite writing quotes or talking through the struggle helps to get the gears turning again.


Some day I get so sick of hearing people talk about writing. I hate this post already, I’m talking about people talking about writing, but it seems necessary, because writers need moral support. We need to know that it’s okay to put down our pens or leave the word document for a while to connect with others. We are social creatures no matter how much we hate society or crowded functions.

The irony of the post is lost on most of you being that you have no idea how meticulous I have been about rushing upon my writing time each day as if I will never write another line. My current work in progress refuses to sit, she wants to be written and she is flowing well. I talk to her everyday and she tells me more than I ever knew I had inside myself.

Converse with you writing and open up to others about it. Talk with the books you love, spread the word. Introvert, extrovert, confused middling, we all need some social interactions and stories are the best conversationalists and conversation starters.