What is it about rain that inspires songs, stories, paintings?

Maybe it’s the old metaphor of the gods crying. Or the cleansing air that comes after a good downpour. I don’t hold with the nonsense that all good works have to be inspired by rain. Too many “writers” pass up opportunities waiting for a storm cloud to appear.

But I did have quite the spark of creative energy overtake me yesterday. Rain does one of two things to me. Either it makes me want to sleep forever, or it makes me so energetic that I have to write a new song, a new story, and paint until my eyeballs itch. (And boy are they itching after the painting I created last night haha)

As I’ve said before, painting is unlike any medium. There is less pressure (at least for me). Instead of worrying over structure and poise, you let go and just MAKE something. (I do abstracts-can ya tell? haha)

droplets 1.jpgYou start out simple. one tone to get it all going.

Then start fucking it up like a 3 year old with a rock candy addiction.droplets 2

droplets 3

Decide you’re never going to stop and keep adding more tones, more hues, more globs.

Until you find that you’ve really made something…

droplets 4

Something real

Something soothing

Something soft

and warm



At least that’s what I do, sometimes.

Make it shine.

Whatever you do.

Make it shine.