Some days I feel like I’m gonna die if I don’t write. Others it’s like music is the only thing holding my body together. Last night sliding a brush gobbed with paint on an empty canvas was breathing.


We all need something to help release the stress and pressure of modern society. Painting always calms me. I get confined by the structure of writing sometimes. Sure you need to lay shit out with whatever you’re doing, but last night it was all about just going with it. I was left handed yesterday. Being ambidextrous sounds fun, but my brain is constantly battling itself. It’s not that I use both equally; some days I’m a righty, some days I’m a lefty and there are those perfect days where everything is equal and I feel like a whole person.

I kind of enjoy the struggle. Right handed days are great for editing. Balanced days I can get a shit-ton of projects wrapped up. Left handed days are just pure fun. I get to wander through my subconscious without judging myself as harshly.

I wanted to play. Wanted to get my color whorishness out. I love bright happy colors and I’ve had an idea floating around in my brain for a week or so. It came out better than I could have hoped!


I used to do one painting a year or every 6 months. Sometimes it comes in waves, but lately everything is coming together. I already have the next two laid out in my think tank. Gonna sit on em for a bit, they always come out better if I mull them over for a while, build up the anticipation so I really appreciate my late night painting time.

But LOOK at her

Sunburst 2

I love getting messy. There is nothing like forgetting who you are, what you are, all of the bullshit rules you have to follow to appease everyone. Just mixing and smearing and blending. Put it all together and stop thinking, just do.

Happy Monday

Me painting