Over-thinkers, Doers, ADD brains, whatever you want to call us, we are the people who hate sitting still and are always working on something. Sometimes a serious project keeps us busy for hours, other times it’s something small and simple.

Writing turned serious for me really fast. Doors started opening and I keep walking on in like “Oo what will I find next?”


But when I get bogged down my dyslexia flares up real bad. I doubt anyone would want to read the jumbled mess that this blog’s first draft was, more or less my un-edited writing. I’ve learned how to handle my brain. It’s kind of a game for me at this point. Some days I win, some days I’m losing. haha

We all have our struggles. I don’t know a single “normal” person at this point. There’s some kind of crazy in everyone. I like finding that crazy and bringing it out in stories. It helps me understand people and life better. (Especially when I write blogs and ramble on about nothing like I am doing right now-I promise, there is a point…well…maybe haha)

I also have something called Rapid Thought. I doubt it’s rare. I know a lot of people who seem to have a lot of shots firing in their think tanks. When this gets to be overwhelming and I can’t figure out where the fuck to put it all, I paint.


Again (I’ve said it before), I’m not a painter. But between writing, and editing, and revising, and submitting, and publishing, taking some time to just destroy the fibers of a canvas is enlightening. I recently picked up the technique of filling every sq inch with a base coat before I slap whatever madness is n my brain around. (Thanks to my ever awesome best everything-You are the greatest!)

I made the mistake of hiking in the wrong place and catching poison ivy. Something I am allergic to. So in addition to the usual discomfort, I have entered the hell that is swelling and trying to decide how much I can do to avoid going to the DR. (The affordable care act only helped people who work for large companies or have no job-being stuck without a lot of pay and no insurance isn’t so great)


After a couple of days of feeling useless I said screw it and worked last night. Stared a new painting. The damn thing is all red right now. haha But as always I have ideas. Hopes. It’s a great way to decompress and remind myself that, well if I die tomorrow (maybe being a bit of a baby) at least I was able to have fun EVEN with poison ivy.

painting 2

I’m a little doped up on Benadryl right now. (I hate taking any kind of meds-cuz they really fuck with me-hooray for being Bi-polar) May all of you never feel the hell that is poison ivy, and drop back here to see where this loopy painting goes. (Cuz I love painting posts-even though I’m not really a painter)