Writers like to write, but in order to be read by others we must submit and/or post. I prefer to work with editors who can offer me skills and insight into improving my work, so I submit to magazines. I have a plethora of unpublished works that I have been polishing and shopping around.

Once you’ve been at this long enough, it’s inevitable. The further I delve into the publishing industry, the sooner I find rewards coming straight at me. I definitely have a long way to go but this week alone I had a new piece published with The Flash Fiction Press, I received an acceptance for a story that will be features by an ezine next month, and of course it was all topped off with a lovely rejection. haha

I count my rejections like blessings. Each rejection reminds me where I started and how much further I would like to go. I’ve spent the better part of the morning working on a revision and another submission.


This is the cycle of author-hood. From short stories to novels, you never want to put all of your stock into one piece.

Make sure each individual work is perfected as much as possible. Readers know a poorly crafted story right away. BUT having a wide variety of works keeps a writer going.

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