Sometimes I get the “Oh, you’re a creative type” from people as if that defines me. haha It’s fun. I appreciate it. Hey, if that’s how I need to introduce myself to people so they don’t get offended by my wackadoo view on certain things, GREAT!


I’ve had the “Oh, you’re a writer” introduction.


The, “Oh, you’re a musician” one too.


These make sense to me. Writing and music, really storytelling and music have always been cousins in my brain. They both have dominated my world for pretty much all of my life.

But now I’m getting the “Oh you’re an artist” or “oh you’re a painter.

brittany spears ugh

Sure I paint. I recently started drawing for fun. But these are past times. I share my work because people have shown an interest. It’s always fun to see inside someone else’s brain for a moment. But only a moment.

This is part of being an artist I think. Not a painter, but a person who likes to create things that make others think or gives them a certain feeling. Self-expression.

For the longest time I did not consider myself a writer. I still don’t really. Yes I write, and I get published, but that is not who I am. It is merely one of the ways that I express myself in order to form a stronger bond with others.

I sang and played guitar for so long and took some years off, so I feel as if calling myself a musician is past. It’s not about being competitive anymore, it’s just about the feeling and the love of sound and melodies, harmonies.

But like everything else in life, the more you do something the more it becomes a substantial part of your life. I’ve recently found more comfort in painting and drawing than I ever have. Painter or not it is something worth doing. Having an interested audience is odd, but encouraging.

So I’m now on Deviant Art.

This is just a fun random page to get some feedback and maybe share a piece or two with someone who will appreciate it.