Rejection is a writer’s best friend.

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Rejections grow a thick skin, make writers appreciate their computers, their pens. Without input, or the knowledge that one must improve in order to create something worthwhile there no point in publishing.

The art of writing is simple in its complexity. Readers want to think, but they don’t want messages thrown in their face. Different audiences read for different reasons. Some want an escape, others are looking for truth.

Publishers have to cater to THEIR audience. Some works of brilliance don’t fit their readers, some stories have great concepts but the writer’s skills still need sharpening. And some days they love a story but it’s so different that they can’t place it.

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This is my issue. A lot of the time I get rejections that say I have strong writing and a great concept, but that it doesn’t fit any of the other stories. If something is too different, what do you do?

You get used to that shit.

Maybe set it aside for another try.

Hell, if you write like I do you may have the opportunity to put together a short story collection someday and all the weirdness will be connected in the theme of your style.

Mainstream writing is the goal of most writers, publishers, publications, and editors. It’s what we aim for because it’s where you get enough compensation to leave behind day jobs and really start digging yourself into the world of writing.

The more palatable you story is, the wider your audience will be. That just the truth of it. Basic shit.

But people who write for a passing fads don’t seem to have much staying power. So what do you do if your ideas are “too different”?

You suck it up and work with it. Sometimes a few tweaks can give a story just enough shine to get picked up even if it is super odd. And I know, I’ve had stories rejected from magazines that specifically ask for weird stories.

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I don’t think this is uncommon. People are creatures of habit. Publishers say that they want certain types of stories and then pick up titles that are nothing like their “wish list”. Because the business side reminds us that readers like variety, but not too much variety.

Finding the balance between being original and being marketable is a huge pain in the ass, but it’s necessary.