It’s been about 8 years since I’ve been onstage. Performing has always been a HUGE part of my life. Writing and painting have been my main focus lately, but last night I got out and played one of my babies and it reminded me of why I need constant activity.

A lot of artists don’t sit still well. We struggle through public education because we need a wide variety of engaging material and aren’t suited to a lot of day jobs.

It’s a balancing act, like everything in life. There are plenty of roles to play out there. If you don’t like to sit, working in nursing, construction, landscaping, architecture and other professional careers may do it for you.

I’m lucky enough to write for a living, and in an office where they let me get up every hour and bounce around. haha

Finding your fit isn’t always easy. Some writers struggle to settle into one genre. A great deal of musicians work their asses off trying to create their own distinctive sound, and painting is like trying to describe how the color puce tastes.

The more you fight the harder things may seem. But finding a way to push through while also working to absorb the advice and info that others offer can aid you in your creative process, no matter what you do.

In order to be heard, you must listen. We seem to forget that sometimes. It’s not easy when there is a world of talent and information out there. But the point is to be an individual while finding a way to relate to others.

I’m always happy to share my works with everyone. Some are better received than others and that’s the nature of being an artist.

So what are you’re latest finished works?

Share them with me. Link us. Pop it all in the comments, because today I feel like listening.