Everyone’s an artist. The market is flooded with writers, musicians, painters, performers. It’s how we survive the mundane.

Some have a special knack for one genre or one specific style, and then there are the eclectic weirdos who continuously alternate between projects. I fall into the latter.

I have always told stories; I started writing the moment I could hold a pencil. Music always seemed to accompany this.I apparently started humming before I could sing -it’s pretty common amongst musicians actually. Have you ever heard the chords that make up a word, or envisioned the strings that cry behind a scene?

For the longest time I would flip flop. You get real focused on one and neglect the other. Painting seemed to enhance the connection between the two and I found myself covering canvases in my teens. Not because I had a knack for it, mainly because it seemed to calm me.

Drawing is something to admire and appreciate. Painting is active. I may say this because I’ve always sucked at drawing. I moved beyond stick figures but not far. And for the longest time I was able to paint animals and insects without issues, because it was PAINTING, not drawing. haha

Me painting

(my latest abstract-everyone sees something different in this one)

Finally, now everything is coming together. Either that or I’m just doing wayyy too much and I need medication. haha (I don’t do meds-rather enjoy the insanity of being me)

My stories are better than they’ve ever been. They get picked up and published with little to no rejection, I’m having fun writing songs with more skills, and I’m learning that I was wrong; it’s not that I couldn’t draw, I just never had the patience to sit still long enough to really do something.

I’ve started drawing my favorite comic characters because I will force myself to finish THEM.

My Firestar

(Firestar’s my fav. FIRESTAR, not Fire Starter or Star Fire, but FIRESTAR!)

My Flash

(I may or may not have been a HUGE fan of The Flash since I was a little kid and watched the 80s TV show haha)

My Catwoman

(Finally got Catwoman done last week, I love her so much!)

There is something amazing about the freedom to take your time with any art form. A lot of writers I know rush to finish their stories, they want to meet deadlines or stay relevant. Music is the same way. With painting and drawing, there is no rush. And using the lessons I’m learning with my silly pictures is helping me to take my time finishing new songs and topping off new tales with the right words as opposed to just trying to get it done.

Writing is art, but other art forms can aid writers in their work.

No not everyone can alternate like I do, but finding a way to step back and enjoy the process as opposed to falling into the capitalist machine that often turns us into mass producing robots is  important if you want your work to be honest and real.