Building up stories, blogs, readerships takes time and effort. We call writing a process, but writing is just a portion of an author’s true process. We have to filter through society, mingle through social media and find our way around marketing.

This is not my first rodeo.

But redefining yourself and your art isn’t always easy. It’s often necessary, but the struggle can get complicated. Writers second guess themselves enough. I can’t imagine how nice it must have been just a couple of decades ago when writers could just write. haha


The thing is, if you’re only writing to write, then what is the point of publishing? that whole write for yourself ideal only takes you so far. You have to listen and explore. Adventure through other perspectives to allow your tales to grow. Shaping new stories has never been easier for me. I’m itching to write, and play in my own worlds.

It’s a need. An incessant crop of voices swirling in my head waiting to be captured on a page or vocally. Some characters get more of a shot at life than others, but that’s just the way it goes.

Summertime is my favorite. The heat has never bothered me. It’s a great time to adventure and pour out some real sweat, maybe get a cool gash or scar. Writers love to talk about blood, sweat, and tears; I find it’s easier to put all of that into your writing when you experience it first hand. Maybe that’s why I love 1st person stories so much. They are my favorite.

1st person

There’s something about experiencing the world through someone else’s eyes that has always intrigued me. It’s why I write. Why I publish. Connecting with others to feed that incessant need for the human connection is exactly why I’m here with this new blog.

We’ll see how it goes. haha